November 15, 2021

10 Ways to Promote your Blog for Free in 2022


Having good content in your blog is quite amazing but where is the fun if no one can see and have access to it?

Oh !! did you think that by just uploading the content in your blog, the whole World will get it?

Unfortunately for you, that alone is insufficient because you are not different from a talented performer who excels in his room and expects to get known.

You need to promote your blog to drag an audience towards your blog to get known.

Don’t stress up and keep calm for below will be given some so ways you can use to promote your blog for free.Therefore feel free to use these methods in combination to pull more audience to your blog.

  • Facebook

Photo by Luca Sammarco from Pexels

Over the years since its creation, Facebook has succeeded in gathering up to 2.32 billion users worldwide. This makes this social network fall among the most used connecting platforms in the World

Therefore it is an opportunity for you to get in touch and build an audience for your blog by giving an announcement whenever you upload content in your blog.

You can even go further and increase the rate at which you get in touch in case you have a budget. In this, you will need to learn how to create and manage a Facebook business account and learn how to run and ads on Facebook.


  • Instagram

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Facebook is not the only app that has gathered a tremendous amount of people. With its 1 billion users, Instagram has also become a point of meeting and chilling for social media users all over the world especially those in the age range of 12 to 14 years.

The advantage of Instagram is its high rate of engagement, making it suitable for bloggers to easily create and manage a community of followers for their blogs.

Some of the tips you get to know as far as Instagram is concerned include the fact that users must get captivated by your photos with which you have to align the best caption.

When working on Instagram, you can use tips such as hashtags and Instagram stories and get more views and followers.

However, Instagram on the contrary to Facebook does not read links and this implies that you will have to insert the link of your blog in your profile.

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  • Twitter

Photo by Solen Feyissa from Pexels

With a record of 330 million users per month in 2019, and with 09% of these users working on this platform on daily basis, Twitter has become the third most used social media worldwide.

Furthermore, a recent study reveals that 31% of users are likely to remember what is being posted on this platform.

This is simply a result of the fact that Twitter is quite dynamic and more oriented towards news publications

Therefore you can use click-on tweet boxes that come along with the most viewed news feeds to promote your blog.


  • LinkedIn

If your blog’s niche is focused on the professional domain, then LinkedIn is an outstanding option for you.

This is the platform made for the meeting of various professionals and it accounts for a great portion of the traffic generated by B2B websites and it has over 600 million users.

As such, it can be beneficial for you if you are oriented towards entrepreneurship or any other relevant domain that deals with technicality and objectivity.


  • YouTube

Photo by Szabó Viktor from Pexels

YouTube became the second most utilized search engine in the World after its acquisition by Google in 2006 with an exuberant score of 1.9 billion active users every single month.

This explains why every professional blogger endeavours to have a Youtube channel to provide an additional platform for the promotion of their content.

Shooting videos about your blog’s niche and posting them in your channel or a channel already having a good amount of subscribers can greatly help in the promotion of your blog

Therefore if you are interested in making videos and you are in the possibility of doing so, then don’t waste more time and get into it.

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  • Quora

This is a media in which users post questions and answers to questions in various niches. Over the years, it has also turned to be very solicited having up to 300 monthly users.

This makes it a good platform for blog promotion and identity build-up.

The recent statistics reveal that approximately 54% of Quora users earn up to $100k per year. As such, there is a high probability that they become potential buyers of the product or content you will be promoting.

This option will be beneficial for you since signing up is easy and free, and you will be able to speak more of your industry by answering questions related to it.


  • Imgur

This social media is an operational social platform specialized in photo-sharing. It has gathered over 300 million users and approximately 1.5 million images are uploaded on this social network on daily basis.

With 84% males and 91% gamers, this social network focuses on the publication of images like memes, gifs, funny facts, events, and many others.

An interesting point about this media is the fact that one can vote posts to revamp the up ranking of the content which makes it quite interesting for the promotion of your content.


  • Reddit

Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels

Being a text-specialized media, Reddit is a social network that gathers up to 330 million active users per month.

It is said that an average rate of 16 minutes per visit is spent for every Reddit user showing that is the social network with a good level of engagement.

Just like Imgur, users in Reddit have the option of upvoting and downvoting content. Therefore, this media will be good for you if you have high-quality content in your blog.

Furthermore, there are many other small categories of Reddit's called subreddits which implies that you have to post and promote your blog strategically in the right subreddit to get your target audience.

An important point to note is that Reddit has strict rules that must be read before posting your content. Therefore, make sure you get acquainted with those rules in order not to get banned.


  • Email list

Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels

The expression “the money is in the list” is quite recurrent when it comes to advise on how to get traffic for blogs.

In this sentence, the term “list” simply refers to the number of people signing up in your email list.

For a serious blogger, building an email list is very important and generally, a free resource called the lead magnet is offered by most professional bloggers so that people can get signed up in their email list.

From there, the different subscribers will get registered in a sequence of emails leading to any product be it a paid course or an ebook, or any other offer that will get your visitors interested and subscribe.

  • Guest Post

When you decide to create a blog post to publish it on another website, then you are doing guest posting.

The objective in doing guest posting is to get in touch with websites with high traffic to draw the attention of the audience of that website towards your site.

For instance, employees and CEOs of big brands such as Evernote, Salesforce or Intel, do guest posting to get website authority for their industry.

However, it is not quite easy to do guest posting in big brands and websites so what is recommended is to pick small websites having a good reputation that is looking for guest bloggers.

Basically with guest posting, you create content that is outside your blog, and from there, you do your branding and expansion as per your objectives.


That said, there are many other ways of getting good traffic growth for your blog and the main point is to understand that, for a serious and professional blogger, you have to keep your content at high-quality standards for steadfast maintenance in the demographic expansion of your blog.

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